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Walk a Mile in Their Shoes: Stories from the Regina General Hospital

Exhibit viewable from March 5 - April 30

Regina General Hospital Cafeteria (Level 0)

Every fall, 40 second-year medical students from the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine move to the Regina Campus based at the Regina General Hospital. Part of their education is a module called “Arts and Humanities,” which gives the students a chance to approach medicine from different perspectives such as life drawing or photography. A stream within this module is the history of medicine.

This year, the College of Medicine teamed up with the Civic Museum of Regina to explore the collection of Regina General Hospital artifacts at the museum. Guided by the curator, the students chose artifacts, researched the history behind them, and wrote an interpretive text from different perspectives. You can visit the student curated display from March 5 to April 30 in the Cafeteria located on Level 0 of the Regina General Hospital and see how the students chose to reflect on historical medical practices and to explore different points of view.


Engine 5093

Engine 5093Built in 1918, the steam locomotive, Engine 5093 is 75 feet long and weighs 287,500 lbs. It pulled passenger trains throughout Western Canada. On its final trip with 5 cars and 35 passengers, it rolled into Regina on April 25th, 1960. It was the last steam engine in Regina as railways switched to diesel.
It was acquired in 1964 and is the largest artifact owned by the museum. In 1995, it was moved to its present location at the Regina Casino.


One of the most fascinating machines devised, it was the first piece of technology on public display: steam locomotives came right into every town and all their working parts were open to view. The men who ran them were visible and accessible. (Drury G.H. 1993-Guide to North American Steam Locomotives)