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Inside the Civic Museum - Sawchyn Guitars

Thursday October 25
Brownstone Plaza, 1275 Broad St, Regina

Join Peter Sawchyn from Sawchyn Guitars to see what goes into building one of his classic Beaver Tail Mandolins. How does a simple piece of wood become a beautiful sounding instrument? And hear The Strange Valentines perform a couple of numbers on their Sawchyn-built instruments! A Free event, please note location (not held at the museum). RSVP to or 306-780-9435.

The Strange Valentines

Sawchyn Guitars


Marionette Sailor Doll

Marionette Sailor DollIn the spring of 1931, Mrs. F.N. Darke approached Mrs. C.M. Willoughby and asked her to form a Ladies Aid Circle of young women. In February 1932, the circle was asked to give a program for a Sunday evening. Thus the marionettes were born and continued to give shows until 1963. When the Regina Little Red Hen Theatre took over, the marionettes were retired and were donated to the museum in 1986.


Marionettes are distinguished from regular puppets by the strings which manipulate and control them from above.