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The Civic Museum of Regina and the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame are partnering to celebrate Women's History Month in October through an exciting initiative to celebrate Saskatchewan Women in Sports.

The Women in Sport panel will feature 3 Hall of Fame inductees in celebration of Women’s History Month and Hockey Week in Regina!

Linda Burnam, Curling
Lisa Franks, Basketball
Colleen Sostorics, Hockey

The panel discussion will be wide-ranging with a focus on how sports has shaped their lives, how we can encourage emerging female athletes, and the state of women’s sports on a local & professional level.

This FREE event is Thursday October 4, 7 pm, in the Cornwall Centre - Centre Court.



PhonographThis phonograph was purchased from W.G.F. Scythes & Co. Limited by the Ada Scott family. A varnished wooden box contains the workings to play cylinder records and features a hinged lid and side crank.
It was donated to the museum by the family in 2000.


The phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison in 1877. His first recording was of himself, reciting “Mary had a Little Lamb”.