What is Happening at the CMOR?

The Civic Museum of Regina is growing and on its way to transitioning to an ecomuseum. The museum plans on moving away from a traditional museum atmosphere where individuals gather in a building to observe artifacts and hear stories. An ecomuseum allows for the
exhibits and events to be integrated into the community and creates opportunities for individuals to interact, exchange stories and be apart of past history and creating new history for Regina.

But what exactly is an Ecomuseum?

Originating from the French, an ecomuseum calls for a new type of cultural institution that represent an accurate social identity and aims to empower the community and local people. Ecomuseums aim to have more community centered goals, such as “address social issues and promote dialogue”. They also allow for the telling and interpretation of history, but makes way for citizen engagement, citizen action, and cultural representation. The Regina Civic Museum as an ecomuseum has been working towards telling past, present and the future stories that exist within the City of Regina. The City of Regina has a rich, interesting history. One in which we believe needs to be shared, but at the same time the demographics of the city are always changing, and these new narratives need to be told too. So, as a cultural resource of the City and its members, we are looking to move away from a single space where people look at artifacts and exhibits. Our new model allows us to explore new platforms for engagement and embrace new opportunities for stories telling.

What can you expect to see from us soon?

We have a lot of projects in the works and on the go. As we go through our current collection, we come across objects that tell more than one story. We have a dream, where these stories can be found in different locations around the city and at different events. As we continue to work towards fulfilling our new mission and mandate, we want to keep you, the members of Regina, following along every step of the way. So please keep intuned with our facebook page and our website for our next steps, whether they be good, great or ugly! We look forward to engaging with you all!

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By Lexie Obey Human Justice Student April 2018