Gift Acceptance Guidelines

Donating to Our Collection

What does the Civic Museum of Regina collect?

  • The Civic Museum of Regina’s mandate is to collection objects related specifically to the cultural, social, political, and economic growth and development of the City of Regina and its citizens. Museums cannot accept everything they are offered. Therefore, we review each object offered to us, considering its relevance to the museums mission, condition, and redundancy when compared to the existing collection. The availability of storage staff, and staff resources, is also an importance consideration when reviewing object donations. If we are unwilling to accept your donation please ask one of staff members for recommendations of appropriate alternatives for your items.

What is the process of donating to the Civic Museum of Regina?

  1. Contact the Museum giving detail of the objects you wish to donate. At this initial contact the Museum staff will inform you if the objects fits within the Museum’s collection mandate and if they are interested in assessing the object(s) for donation and acceptance into the Collection. The Civic Museum of Regina does not accept unsolicited donations. As per our Collection Management Policy:

1.1 All donations must be prearranged and approved by the Operational Collections Committee, along with all appropriate documentation received, prior to the artifact(s) coming into the possession of the Museum and/or Museum staff;

1.2 All unsolicited donations sent via mail will be returned to sender; and

1.3 The Museum reserves the right to dispose of any unsolicited donations after five (5) business days if an appropriate attempt, at the discretion of staff, has been made to contact the donor”.

  1. If the museum staff believe your object(s) are a good fit for the collection they will take your donation request to the Collections Committee for final approval. We ask that you do not bring and/or mail your item(s) to the Museum until the Collections Committee has approved acceptance of the donation.
  2. Upon this approval, you will be asked to drop off your items at the Civic Museum of Regina office OR mail them to:

1231 Broad Street

Regina, SK S4R 1Y2  

  1. You will also be asked to sign a transfer of ownership document which transfers the physical custody and ownerships of the object(s) to the Museum. The staff may also ask to speak to you regarding any history or information you have on the item. Without this documentation the Museum staff cannot follow thru with the dotation of the item(s).
  2. Once all documents are received and reviewed the item(s) will assigned an accession number, recorded in the Museums database with all the relevant decimations for the artifact.
  3. The artifact will be utilized in exhibits and programming as the Museum staff and Curatorial staff deem fit.

Will the Museum exhibit the item(s) in my donation?

  • The Museum, not its staff, can guarantee that any object will go on exhibit. Like most museums, only a small fraction of our collection is on display at any given time. As the Museum continues to tradition to an Eco-Museum it is our goal to have a large portion of the artifacts within our Collection back within the community for Educational purposes. Therefore, you may see your donation being used at some point as part of a satellite exhibit and/or programming offered by the Museum.

I will donate my item(s) only if I can set certain conditions. Are you still interested?

  • Donation stipulations including, but not limited to, donor recognition and display requirements are not in line with modern museum practices. Many Museums find themselves devoting resources trying to adhere to or resole these types of issues, and we certainly do not wish to create similar problems for our successors. Therefore, the Museum will not proceed with any donation in which the donor wishes to be under certain conditions.

Will I receive a tax deduction for my donation?

  • The fair market value of your donated material is generally tax deductible. If you would like a tax receipt please make this known to the Museum staff upon initial contact. In order to receive a donation, receipt your donated item(s) must first be appraised. The Museum Curator is able to apprise items up to a market value of $500. However, if the Curator apprises the items above this amount and/or is unable to appraise your item for any given reasons an outside professional appraiser will be need to be utilized and all expenses related to this are responsibility of the donor. We do recommend that you consult with your accountant, attorney, or Canada Revenue Agency if you have questions.

Can you tell me more about my object, including how much it’s worth?

  • For legal and ethical reasons, the Museum cannot appraise or authenticate objects unless the item(s) are being donated to the Museum. To find an appraiser near you, check your local listings.

Does the Museum purchase objects?

  • The Museum rarely has funds to purchase items for its Collection, so we rely mostly on donated material.